According to Immuron Limited, a leading pharmaceutical company, diarrhea affects around 30 to 70 percent Americans who travel to other countries, especially the high risk nations.

Diarrhea refers to loose, watery stools occurring three or more times a day. There’s a condition called traveler’s diarrhea, which happens when you get the illness after being exposed to bacteria or parasites while on vacation in a developing nation. It is a sub-branch of Acute Diarrhea and is fairly common.

Research surveys have shows that around one in four travelers change their travel itinerary due to diarrhea and around 5% have to seek medical attention. Upset stomach, bloating and irritable intestinal tracts might not only be embarrassing but “can also compromise travel experiences and reduce business productivity”, especially when you’re forced to cancel plans and spend money on expensive medicines which you could’ve spent elsewhere.

However, there are several supplements available in the market to cater to your sensitive stomach. “Travelan®, an extensively tested dietary supplement of clinically proven strength produced by Immuron, can be taken to support a healthy digestive system, whether at home in the USA or when traveling overseas.”

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‘Travel and health specialist and owner of eight Passport Health travel medicine clinics in Michigan and Southwest, Florida’, Dr Bruce Kane, discussed the probability of getting diarrhea whether you’re on the road or at home.

He shared, “Occasional diarrhea remains the most frequent health problem encountered by Americans, both at home and overseas. Diarrhea can be completely debilitating and, as many of my patients will attest, is not enjoyable for anyone who is unfortunate enough to experience it.”

Kane further continued, “Occasional diarrhea is typically caused by the consumption of food or water infected with bacteria, which attack the intestines, releasing diarrhea-causing toxins. Bacterial pathogens, including E.coli and salmonella are the main culprit, and are thought to account for up to 80 to 90 per cent of occasional diarrhea cases”.

He also gave insight about other factors that might contribute to propagating the illness. He said, “Other factors that can contribute to intestinal upset when traveling include the stress of travel and changes to our established routines including sleep, diet and exercise. At Passport Health, we recommend Travelan® to our patients to support a healthy digestive system and help maintain normal bowel habits while traveling.”

Stacy Koski, “Travel Nurse and Certified Holistic Nutrition Specialist from Sarasota, Florida”, talked about her experience with diarrhea, saying that a common question among her patients was about ways to maintain a healthy digestive system and to relieve diarrhea’s symptoms.

She shared, “I recommend the ‘non-salad diet’ to my patients when they’re on vacation, which involves eating foods that are thoroughly cooked, and only peeled fruits. However, this is not an exact science, and everyone is still at risk of developing intestinal upsets. I also recommend the use of the easy-to-take caplets of Travelan® to my patients before they head off to high risk destinations.”

Further adding, “I’ve heard many first-hand accounts from my patients about the benefits of taking Travelan before meals. Travelan® helps protect their digestive system while those around them have been struck down and confined to a hotel bathroom, ruining their vacation or work trip”.

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