Protect Yourself from Contaminated Food During the 2016 Holiday Travel Season with Travelan.
Farmington, CT – November 18, 2016

According to AAA stats released this week, 48.7 million Americans are expected to travel within the U.S. this Thanksgiving.  

And, while most people associate improper sanitation of food and water during international travel with E. coli-based illnesses, last year’s largest ongoing E. coli outbreak at several Chipotle restaurants, was actually in the United States.  So it’s important to be prepared when you stop for a quick bite to eat as you travel “over the river and through the woods to Grandmother’s house” for your holiday celebrations.

Travelan was developed by Australian bio-pharmaceutical Immuron, LTD. to help protect against the 13 most commonly occurring strains of E. coli. Popular in its native Australia for the past 10 years and in Canada for the past two years, Travelan is now available in the United States on and in select CVS Health stores, on, PassPort Health clinics and other travel medical retailers.

About Travelan:

  • Travelan is a non-prescription supplement uniquely formulated to be high in antibodies that can help support and maintain gastrointestinal and digestive function and health
  • Travelan’s active ingredient is Hyperimmune Bovine Colostrum Powder,  which has been specifically designed to be a rich source of antibodies that bind to Enterotoxigenic E. coli in the gastrointestinal tract, preventing them from attaching to the intestinal wall and thereby neutralizing their ability to cause diarrhea and its associated symptoms.
  • Hyperimmune Colostrum is developed under Immuron’s Proprietary Technology to create high titers of antibodies to a range of E-Coli bacteria that is present in normal colostrum in only very small amounts.


About Immuron Limited:

Immuron Limited™ is a publicly listed Australian bio pharmaceutical Microbiome company (ASX: IMC) focused on oral immunotherapy using polyclonal antibody products for humans. Immuron is a uniquely positioned company developing therapeutic products in NASH, ASH and other diseases mediated through gut dysbiosis.

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